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i love how in some of bjork songs she speaks in tongues like in big time sensuality. im sure that that song is about sex and sexuality and the fact that she speaks in tongues in the end kind of represents the power of great sex, intimacy and orgasms. but bjork songs are never really overt, even when talking about sex. i love her.

big time sensuality isn’t about sex or orgasms, bjork says it’s about working with nellee hooper and being too overbearing with him. she’s basically saying ‘yeah I know I can be a bit too intimate, but something huge is coming’. she’s saying that she knows she’s being too demanding with the album but great things are going to go on. 

she speaks in ‘tongues’ is actually just gibberish which she has always done since her days with KUKL (a punk band she was in). she says it feels better to sing that way, and she rarely sings about sex. when she does, it’s typically about masturbation and snow-balling (pluto and cocoon)

She has a weird energy about her as a woman. We were in this town to do a show and she spread such positive vibes. There were birds singing and rainbows – we could even see a tornado going on! We could actually see it! I think that every artist has an aura and persona that develops and Bjork spreads such a positive energy. You can just feel it.
M.I.A. on Bjork (via shybeagle)
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